Christian Women’s Club
Elizabethtown / Mount Joy
Contact:  Sandy Stone
Phone:  717-367-5140
Homes of Hope Ministry c/o Love Inc. of Lancaster County
Contact:  Shawn Moyer
Phone:  717-735-7540
Meals on Wheels
Contact:  Gail Klinkner
Phone:  717-653-5439 ext 226
Mount Joy Helping Services and Community Food Bank
Contact:  Pat Paules
Phone:  717-653-5585
Wednesday & Friday 9-11 AM
Mount Joy Furniture Bank
Phone: 717-653-5585 ext 3
Mount Joy Ministerium
Contact:  Jay Frey
Phone:  717-742-0639
Donegal Substance Abuse Alliance (DSAA)
Contact:  Lexi Mercado
Phone: 717-492-4596
Web Site: