Construction permits are typically required for decks, some swimming pools, new buildings, building additions, detached buildings over 1,000 square feet without plumbing and electric, screened porches, sunrooms, patios and decks over 30 inches above grade, finishing basements, interior alterations that involve moving or changing of walls, or if plumbing or electrical system is modified, replacement windows or doors – if larger than the original, hot tubs and spas, electric signs, and changes in non-residential tenancy.

The 2007 Borough Construction Code adopts the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.

The Construction Code governs the construction and some replacement aspects, but not necessarily the maintenance, of buildings and related facilities. The code generally applies to the construction, alteration, repair and occupancy of all buildings and regulates inspections on various subjects, including footing, foundation, framing, masonry, energy, drywall, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, sprinkler and fire accessibility.