This NOTICE OF DEMOLITION has been posted in accordance with the Mount Joy Borough Zoning Ordinance, Section 270-117.B(5), “Demolition, Removal or Relocation of Potentially Historic Structures.”

A Potentially Historic Structure is defined as “any building or structure that is not a historic resource and was constructed prior to 1940.”

Mount Joy Borough has received a complete demolition permit for the following property:


Property location: 836-840 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA   17401

Applicant(s): Michael and Wendy Melhorn*

Zoning District: Neighborhood Commercial

Parcel No. 4504431600000

Year Built: 1840

 This notice will expire on November 26, 2018. This waiting period is established to allow potentially historic structures to be historically and photographically documented prior to demolition. (270-117.B(5)(a)

*Prior to the issuance of the permit, the applicant(s) shall grant reasonable access to the property for historic and photographic documentation of the potentially historic structure by a non-profit organization established for the preservation of historic records.