The site located at 225 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA, was a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP).   Before natural gas was available, manufactured gas plants produced gas for public and industrial use. These MGP’s made gas by heating coal or oil, and the gas was used for street lighting, heating, and industrial uses.

UGI and PPL jointly conducted an Interim Remedial Action (IRA) at the site under the oversight of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).  The assessment activities included:

  1. The collection of soil samples, and
  2. The collection of groundwater samples for chemical analysis.

These collections samples were for chemical analysis to identify whether constituents from the former MGP operations may be present in soil and/or groundwater.

Environmental data was collected at the site during preliminary and supplemental investigations from 2012 through 2014.  The results of these preliminary investigations were used to develop an IRA work plan, which was submitted to PADEP in March 2015.  The IRA included the excavation and off-site treatment/disposal of MGP source areas and readily recoverable contaminants at the site.

Approximately 4,095 tons of soils were removed from the site during the IRA.  In order to remove the soils, a single family home located adjacent to the site (223 W. Main Street) was demolished due to its close proximity to the excavation area.

The remedial work has been completed, and a Certification Report was submitted to PADEP documenting the completion of the work in accordance with the IRA work plan.

Prior to completing the IRA, UGI installed planned improvements to the local gas distribution system in the Borough.  The improvements included:

  1. The installation of new gas regulating equipment on the UGI property, and
  2. The installation of upgraded gas conveyance piping on West Main Street and Fairview Street.