Mount Joy Borough Authority strives to keep water and sewer rates as low as it will allow.  MJBA also continues to stay in compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Regulations which may, in future plans, raise these rates.  MJBA and its staff, continue to maintain accurate service for its Service Area which includes Mount Joy Borough, portions of Mount Joy Township, East Donegal Township and Rapho Township.  Click on the link to view the Service Area Map.

Effective May 1, 2023, Mount Joy Borough Authority has increased their water and sewer rates as indicated below.   For additional information about the increases, please see the related article below.

$73.68 / first 8,000 gallons used each quarter $85.12 / first 8,000 gallons used each quarter
Next 22,000 gallons = $9.21 per thousand gallons per qtr. Next 22,000 gallons = $10.64 per thousand gallons per qtr.
Next 270,000 gallons = $8.06 per thousand gallons per qtr. Next 270,000 gallons = $8.62 per thousand gallons per qtr.
Next 300,000 gallons = $7.56 per thousand gallons per qtr. Next 300,000 gallons = $8.16 per thousand gallons per qtr.
  • Example of an 8,000-gallon minimum quarterly water and sewer invoice:  Prior to May 1, 2023= $152.64; New rate effective May 1, 2023= $158.80
  • Example of an 12,000-gallon average quarterly water and sewer invoice:  Prior to May 1, 2023= $228.96; New rate effective May 1, 2023= $238.20


Event 1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr.
Date Meters are Read Feb 26-29 May 28-31 Aug 28 – Sept 3 Dec 2 – Dec 5
Period Contained in Billing Cycle Nov 27-30 – Feb 26-29 Feb 26-29 – May 28-31 May 28-31 – Aug 28-Sept 3 Aug 8-Sept 3 – Dec 2-5
Date Bill is Mailed to Customer March 28 June 28 Sept 30 Dec 31
Due Date April 30 July 31 Oct 31 Jan 31
Penalty Posting Date (10%) May 1 Aug 1 Nov 1 Feb 1
If you do not receive your bill in the mail by January 15, April 15, July 15, or October 15, please call the Authority office at 717-653-5938 or by e-mail: to request a copy of the bill.
NOTE:  Delinquent accounts could result in termination of service or a property lien.  If your account is past due, please contact the Authority office to make payment arrangements to get your bill paid in full.

Essential Upgrades Result in Costs that Reflect the True Value of Clean Water

Last year, the increase in water and sewer rates that you paid allowed the Mount Joy Borough Authority to make significant investments in infrastructure. With the upgrade of wastewater pump station 2; all eight pump stations have modern equipment, greater reliability, and some of the stations have higher pumping capacity. This long-term wastewater project began in 2007 and is now complete. These pump station upgrades will meet the demands of the system for many years into the future. In addition, replacement of the Church Street water booster station has begun. The new equipment will greatly improve fire protection and water pressure reliability for the homes and businesses in that service area.

Along with the sense of accomplishment in providing top quality tap water and wastewater services, the Authority’s efforts to keep costs contained are always front and center. All across the United States, authorities like ours face significant challenges in providing a safe water supply, protecting our environment, upgrading aging infrastructure, and meeting federal and state regulations, all while keeping costs down. In the past, water and sewer infrastructure was heavily subsidized by grants, and therefore rates did not reflect the true costs of withdrawal and pollutant discharge. Those grants have diminished due to government austerity. Times are changing and customers are facing a reality that water is not necessarily a cheap resource.

This reality is also true for customers of the Mount Joy Borough Authority. Over the years, the Authority was fortunate to secure grants from Lancaster County’s Urban Enhancement Fund and Community Development Block Grant. However, the County has not allocated monies to the Urban Enhancement Fund in the last few years. In addition, due to a change in demographics in our area, the Community Development Block Grant is no longer available to us. Given the decline in supplemental funding and the need for continued infrastructure upgrades, the Authority must raise both water and sewer rates again this year.

You will continue to be investing in safeguarding your water supply and serving future generations. The Authority’s capital improvement fund must be strengthened to meet going repairs to aging infrastructure. In addition, the debt service on the borrowing for the new water treatment plant will raise annual operating costs. As described in last year’s annual report, a recent five-year projection shows that additional rate increases will also be required in upcoming years. However, we continue to be heartened that our water and sewer rates are still mid-range compared to the other Lancaster County Authorities, even with the new increase that will be implemented in May 2016.

Service to you, the customer, is central to the work of the Authority. Rate increases and the subsequent investment in infrastructure will expand an important partnership to make sure the area’s water is safe and the environment is protected. Your input is welcome at any time, and you are invited to contact the Authority board members or staff if you have questions about the water and sewer rates going forward.