• Street and Alley Resurfacing Plan –  Click here for details.
  • Street Sweeping – is scheduled to take place  May 13-17 2024. Sweeping operations will take approximately 5-7 days. The Public Works Department will make every effort to have the streets posted with NO PARKING signs the day before sweeping takes place. Please have vehicles moved from the street no later than 6 AM. Please do not park vehicles on the street until the NO PARKING signs have been removed. Residents may sweep stones from their sidewalk into the gutter prior to the streets being swept. Please do not put leaves and sticks in the gutter as the sweeper will not pick them up.
  • Street Repairs – will be taking place over the summer months. If you have a concern that should be brought to our attention, please contact the Public Works Department at 717-653-8226.
  • Street Inventory and Conditions Click here for details.

General Information

  • Trees – Tree maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. The Borough Ordinance requires that all tree branches be kept trimmed a minimum of 14′ above the road surface and 8′ above the sidewalk surface. On PennDOT highways, trees must be kept trimmed 20′ above the roadway. In addition, trees should not block signs or visibility at intersections.