UGI and PPl previously indicated to Mount Joy Borough that they were interested in identifying beneficial public reuse alternatives that Mount Joy Borough may deem appropriate for the property.

Mount Joy Borough identified a public benefit for creating a public park at this location (223 W. Main Street). Parks provide a great benefit to citizens, both those who live nearby and tourists. In addition to their many environmental benefits, including preserving plant and animal habitat, decreasing air pollution, and water filtration, parks create an economic benefit for municipalities, residents, and businesses.

UGI and PPL subsequently provided two conceptual development plans to the Borough depicting the layout of a potential driveway to connect to Hopewell Street, and the creation of a public park.

The park will contain improved handicap ramps, stamped asphalt throughout, park benches, park lighting, trash and dog receptacles and landscaping to create an inviting environment.

Upon completion of the project, Mount Joy Borough will accept Deed of Dedication from UGI and PPL, and grant a Utility Easement to UGI for access to their utilities.

Site mobilization will start to take place the week of May 1, 2017.  Construction will commence with minor traffic and pedestrian disruptions.  Please contact Mount Joy Borough directly with any questions or concerns at (717) 653-2300.