The Mount Joy Borough Zoning Ordinance was adopted by the Borough Council on April 4, 2016, by Ordinance No. 1-16 .

All applications for a Zoning Permit or a decision by the Zoning Hearing Board shall be made in writing on a form provided by the Borough.  The application should be completed and the necessary site plan should be submitted to the Zoning Officer.

Zoning Permits are typically required for, but not limited to: new construction, additions or expansions of existing structures, accessory structure (sheds, garages) under 1,000 square feet, fences, home occupations, retaining walls, ponds, decks, patios, porches, driveway expansions, new roofs, changes of use, swimming pools, and hot tubs.

Mount Joy Borough utilizes a combined Zoning & Construction Permit Application which also must include a site plan.


  • Locations, dimensions and uses of existing and proposed structures, parking and loading areas, and locations of existing and proposed uses of areas of land, with existing features clearly distinguished from proposed features.
  • Notes showing dimensions of all buildings from lot lines and street right-of-ways.
  • Locations of any watercourses and any one-hundred-year floodplain.
  • Proposed lot areas, lot widths, setbacks from lot lines and other applicable dimensional requirements.
  • Locations and square footage of existing and proposed private sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks and any other existing or proposed impervious surface.